The Tuesday Vets
What we do on Tuesdays...
Upon arrival sign in with the starters before 8.10am. There is a $5 entry into the day's haggle. The Caller will read out the names and start positions before the first tee time: 8.30 am. Odd numbers start from the first tee, even numbers from the tenth. Prizes are awarded for best scores, holes-in-two and closest-to-the-pin.
Prizes (wine) are allocated thus: A prize pool of one prize per four players - two are set aside for the raffle* with the remainder being allocated to the best golf scores.
Plus two prizes of golf balls for (0-22 hcp and 23+ hcp) nearest-to-the-pin.
Golf balls are also awarded for twos; the number depending on the number of winners/players.
(*The raffle is drawn randomly using the Start Sheet draw numbers and cannot be won by competition or Nearest-to-the-Pin winners.)
Tied scores are resolved by the following count-back method: Compare...
  • total of back nine, if still tied
  • total of last five holes of front nine, if still tied
  • go back hole-by-hole from hole four until a winner is found
The Tuesday Vets
How it works!
See Vets Programme for details on the current committee.
The committee consists of four elected members plus the Finance Officer (a permanent appointment by the members)
Committee members serve a 2 year term.
Each year 2 members retire and 2 new members are elected.
One of the second year members is selected by the committee to fill the position of Convener.
The Convener takes a leadership role in running the affairs of the Vets' Group and acts as spokesman for the Group.
The committee's main task is the organisation of the golfing programme for the year. Normally the work involved is shared out according to the particular abilities/interests of its members.
Major Tasks:
  1. The Golf Programme for the year.
  2. Finances
  3. Purchase of prizes.
  4. Raffles & other fundraising.
  5. Exchange visits with other clubs.
  6. Keeping records for the various Trophy, Cup events.
  7. Keeping track of the health & welfare of the members.
  8. BBQ's and Special Tournament Days.
Nominations for the two annual vacancies on the committee are sought in early November for the election on the last Tuesday meeting of November. Once the new committee is decided, the new Convenor is selected and the new Committee takes over after the Vets Closing Day Christmas Tournament (usually the second week of December).
Vets' Visitors' Day
This is a day on which members may invite a gentleman golfing friend to join us and play in our competition. The day is sponsored by Metlifecare and the Committee provides a BBQ to add to the festivities.
This is placed On the Vets Noticeboard in the Locker Room. Members should enter their names and that of their guest (with Handicaps).
Members who have not invited a guest should also put their names on the sheet as the field will be drawn before the day.
Any late-comers or those who forgot to enter will still be accomodated by the Committee on the day.
The usual club greens fees do not apply to guests on this special day, but a modest entry fee may be fixed by the Committee.
(Members may like to pay their guest's entry fee.)
The day's event is Single Stableford. In addition, the best Combined Stableford Pairs Team (Member and Guest) will receive a special prize.
(Pairs team winners are not eligible for Single Stableford prizes.
Vets' 10th Tee Concession
Recognising that the 10th hole provides some serious 'driving' difficulties for some older members and those with a degree of physical difficulty, both the Tuesday Committee and Thursday Organisers, acting in consultation with the members, have decided:
That those older Veteran players who feel that they do have a serious problem with the upper tee position of this hole may tee off from the lower, white tee (behind the ladies' 10th tee).
That players availing themselves of this option will incur a two-shot penalty. That is, their score for the tenth hole will be the number of strokes played plus two penalty strokes.
This concession now applies to both Tuesday and Thursday Vets golf.
Whilst this concession originally applied only to the Tuesday Vets golf programme, it is also extended to Tuesday match play events that are normally played on a Thursday, ie, The Brass Monkey and The Masters Trophy events.