This picturesque Par 3 requires a precise tee shot to a well-guarded green that slopes from right to left. Front, left and right are bunkers, but too long and you will be in the hazard or water. Beware of the swirling winds around here when making your club selection.


Marker Gender Par Stroke Distance
   Blue   3 8 160
   Purple   3 14 124
   Red   3 6 128
   White   3 8 150
   Yellow   3 8 125
   Blue   3 12 160
   Purple   3 14 124
   Red   3 14 128
   White   3 14 150
   Yellow   3 14 125

Summerset Heritage Park, Ellerslie

Located just ten minutes from the city centre, and close to the bays and main arterial routes, Summerset Heritage Park in Ellerslie is a hidden retirement oasis in the heart of Auckland. With a wide range of activities, a great community of residents and quality indoor and outdoor facilities, there's always something to do, no matter the weather.

The village offers a range of modern, high quality living options including villas, apartments, serviced apartments, and a state of the art care centre, should you need it in the future. The final stage of homes is available now and proving to be popular, so if you are looking to make the move, now is the perfect time.

Click here for more information on the range of homes available, as well as some incredible offers we have running at the moment. Or drop in for a visit, we’d love to see you!