Commonly known as 'Cardiac Hill', this uphill Par 5 finishing hole has all the makings of final hole dramatics. A preferred tee shot up the right centre of the fairway for maximum roll gives the pro and longer hitter a chance to get home in 2. Otherwise play slightly right of the fairway to avoid being pulled into the left over hanging pines. The green generally slopes to the left, so favour the right side when approaching. Check where the flag is when you begin your round; it could make the difference! This two-tier green has lots of slope and 2 putting can be tricky if not on the correct tier.


Marker Gender Par Stroke Distance
   Blue   5 14 403
   Purple   4 6 204
   White   5 14 397
   Yellow   4 14 291
   Blue   5 6 403
   Purple   4 6 204
   White   5 6 397
   Yellow   4 6 291